Does Rice Contain Gluten?

We eat a lot of rice in our house, so rice often appears in my recipes and meal suggestions. Lately, I’ve noticed more and more people leaving messages of confusion and outrage: “But rice contains gluten! How can you recommend people eat rice?”

The reality is, plain rice does not contain gluten. If you go to the store and buy a basic bag of rice– no added seasonings or flavorings– and cook it simply, it is gluten free. Now, that doesn’t mean that all rice from all sources are gluten free. If you eat rice at a restaurant, you still need to ask if it contains gluten.

Sometimes people cook rice with seasoning mixes, sauces, or gravies, and those can all be sources of hidden gluten. When you’re away from home and don’t have complete control over the food preparation, it’s always best to ask.

Always check the labels when you’re buying rice, especially if you’re buying prepared rice or rice mixes. Sometimes gluten sneaks into unexpected places and it’s better to take the time to check.

Rice often comes with fast food, if you like to know more about gluten free fast food, free to read our post.

One other important note: although rice doesn’t contain gluten, there are people who develop sensitivities to rice (and any other food). If you seem to be sensitive to rice, consider getting checked for an allergy or sensitivity to it, or try eliminating it and see if that helps.

For thorough breakdown on what foods contain gluten read our post.

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