Tinkyada Brown Rice Penne Pasta- gluten free/ wheat free

I am actually embarrassed to write this review.

This gluten free pasta has been a staple at my house for over a year now. My husband and picky children really love it in a variety of recipes. However, imagine to my surprise when I was cleaning up my sidebar categories and realized I hadn’t reviewed this brand of Tinkyada gluten free pasta. You would think this would be one of the first! I can’t believe I overlooked this. Yikes.

In fact, my favorite pasta dish is Creamy Chicken and Pasta. My family slurps up and asks for seconds ( trust me, this rarely happens at my house. Too many picky eaters!). To try the recipe, stop over and check out my Dish of The Week feature on my family blog.

I usually purchase the 16 ounce bag of this gluten free penne pasta for $3.69 and it easily feeds my family of four two hearty meals.

This Tinkyada pasta is easy to prepare- simply boil the noodles for 15 minutes, and after a cold water rinse you are ready for your favorite sauce. I found these noodles be slightly larger than a traditional wheat penne noodles. These gluten free noodles also cook up soft and slightly chewy; it really doesn’t result in a firm al dente, though. The flavor is light and mild, and pairs well with any sauce. I did not experience any aftertaste or strange texture. These noodles also hold their shape well with no splitting or cracking. It’s all good!

Seriously, with these noodles, you really can’t go wrong. Tinkyada has a great reputation, and these noodles are no exception.

Pros: pleasant, mild flavor; holds shape, simple ingredients,

Cons: doesn’t cook al dente; softer density and texture

Rating: 5 stars

Want to try it for yourself? Click the link below:

Ingredients: stone ground brown rice, rice bran, water

Have you tried this pasta? What did you think?


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