Product Reviews: Erewhon Organic Corn Flakes cereal & Strawberry Crisp cereal (gluten free)

Mmmm, gluten free cereal- one of my favorite snacks. Erewhon sent me a box full of their gluten free cereals- some I loved, and some not-so-much. I initially tried the corn flake varieties, and here is what I found:

Organic Corn Flakes: No Added Sweeteners
Up front I was a little nervous about trying these, because I had heard their old formulation with this cereal made them taste pretty bad. Thankfully, I found these to be a good, solid, product for a gluten free, sugar free cereal.On the box of the gluten free cereal, it reads ” We’ve gone back to basics to being you the natural, great taste of Erewhon Corn Flakes.” I actually found this statement right on target. These corn flakes only have two ingredients- organic milled corn and sea salt. There are no sweeteners of any kind added. Honestly- think that was what Erewhon was shooting for -a pure, natural cereal. Because of this, the flavor is very mild and slightly bland. If you are used to sweet and sugary breakfast cereals, this may take a bit to get used to. Because there isn’t any sweetener added, I found that adding sliced strawberries and other fresh fruit complimented the cereal nicely.The flakes are light, textured and crispy and soften in milk, just like regular corn flakes. I actually think if you crush them up, these corn flakes would make an excellent coating for chicken.

Rating: 4 stars Ingredients: organic milled corn, sea salt

Strawberry Crisp: Brown Rice & Corn Cereal with Real Strawberries

Ok, so I am huge sucker for strawberries, if it has strawberries in it, chances are I will like it. This cereal was no exception and was delicious.This cereal is a combination of crunchy corn and brown rice flakes with freeze dried strawberries. The cereal is mildly sweet thanks to the evaporated cane juice, but doesn’t taste sugary at all – a huge bonus that I loved. The strawberries are plentiful, quite flavorful, and leave a light strawberry dust on the flakes. This cereal does soften in milk a little, but because I ate it so fast, it really didn’t have a chance to get soggy. Loved it!

Rating: 5 stars Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice, freeze dried strawberries, sea salt, natural flavor

If you want to try these cereals, check your local grocery store, natural foods store.

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