Product Review: Tracey’s Treats gluten free bread mixes & muffin mix

Tracey’s Treats sent me some cute little mixes to test out for gluten free muffins, millet bread and oat bread. The mixes come in simple white bags that doesn’t use extra packaging or boxes. I liked that.  

So were they any good? This is what I thought:

Outstanding Oat Bread Mix: This mix truly is “outstanding!” After adding yeast, egg, oil, water and apple cider vinegar, the bread came out of the oven golden brown with a slightly chewy, crunchy crust. The bread itself was light and smooth, even though you could see some nooks and crannies. I loved that this bread was not dense, grainy or spongy like other gluten free breads I have tried. It also had a nice flavor that wasn’t too sweet. I did detect a bit of an aftertaste, but that lessened as the bread cooled. My sister and I ate it warm with fresh homemade peach jam. Oh my, it was a slice of heaven! If used in a sandwich, slice the bread thick if you have a hearty sandwich, otherwise the softness of the bread gives way to your meat and cheese. If sliced thinly, light toasting makes it taste pretty great as well.

Rating: 5 stars (Oh, and don’t worry, the oats are certified gluten free!)

Ingredients: millet flour mix (millet flour, corn starch, tapioca flour), certified gluten free oats, organic sugar, xanthan gum, salt (may contain iodide).

Millet Bread Mix: This mix stated it could also be made as a pizza crust on the label, so I thought I would go that route and try it. Honestly, it didn’t turn out well. The crust baked unevenly and rose up way too thick. The texture was fairly smooth, but the crust was so soft and sweet that I really didn’t like it. As a crust, I would rate it 2 stars, but I think it would make a much better traditional loaf of bread.

Ingredients: millet flour mix (millet flour, corn starch, tapioca flour), organic sugar, xanthan gum, salt.

Muffin Mix: My daughter and I tried this muffin mix with chocolate chips – our favorite! After adding milk, canola oil, apple sauce, eggs, vanilla, and fruit, nuts or chocolate chips, the muffins baked up nicely, and the tops baked unevenly and appeared slightly lumpy and bumpy. We sampled these muffins fresh, and frozen/thawed, and both methods tasted about the same. My daughter and I really liked the flavor, although when they were really fresh, they had a slight aftertaste that lingered in the back of my mouth. My daughter said it tasted pretty good, but that the muffins tasted thick in her mouth and would stick to her teeth. She was right, initially the texture and flavor seemed fine, but after chewing for a moment the muffin seemed thick and sticky. I appreciated that this mix wasn’t grainy, though.

Rating: 3 stars

Ingredients: millet flour mix (millet flour, corn starch, tapioca flour), organic sugar, baking powder, gum, gelatin, salt


If you are feeling the urge to try any of these mixes, please visit Tracey’s Treats online shop!


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