Product Review:Tinkyada Pasta Joy Fusilli Brown Rice Gluten Free Pasta Noodles

OK, these noodles are just too much fun!

I picked up this 16 ounce bag of gluten free pasta noodles for a hearty spaghetti dish when my local supermarket was sold out of my favorite gluten free Tinkyada penne pasta.


Straight from the package, these noodles were a bit strange, almost like a loose wave- curvier than a gluten free spaghetti noodle but smoother than a spiral noodle.


After boiling for 11 minutes, the noodles became slightly thicker, but retained their wavy shape and overall length. These gluten free pasta noodles also appeared slightly textured. This seemed perfect for my hearty, meaty, stick to your ribs spaghetti sauce- the sauce clung to the noodles perfectly. Yum!

These gluten free noodles cook up perfectly soft and slightly chewy- not quite al dente, but definitely not soggy and squishy. I thought the texture was excellent as well- comparable to gluten noodle with no splitting or breaking.

The best part of these noodles: They tasted just as good as leftovers for my lunch the following day and my kids slurped them up, too. Perfect.

Overall, I really liked these noodles and plan to buy them again. Way to go Tinkyada- another great brown rice noodle product that my whole family enjoys.

Pros: great texture, mild flavor, pairs well with any sauce or pasta dish, no sogginess or splitting

Cons: noodles are a little longer than a standard penne noodle- may be an issue in some recipes

Rating: 5 stars


Ingredients: Stone-Ground Brown Rice, Rice Bran and Water.



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