Product Review: Tinkyada Little Dream Brown Rice Pasta

This is another kid friendly gluten free product. This is brown rice pasta from Tinkyada pasta features shapes such as stars, boats, cars and airplanes. I purchased this bagged pasta from a local gluten free shop for $4.49.

I have always had wonderful results with Tinkyada pasta in the past. It is my family’s favorite, and some gluten eaters like them better than their gluten pasta. I figured the quality would be the same, but would the pasta retain it’s shape?

Fresh out of the bag, all the small pasta shapes closely resembled the figures. I was pleased to notice that there were very few broken shapes in the raw pasta. So far, so good. To prepare, I boiled  4 quarts of water, then let the pasta cook for about 15 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the brown rice pasta retained its shape! The pasta appeared to plump up about 50%. Even after rinsing the noodles, and stirring while adding sauce, the noodles did not break or lose their shape.

As for the taste, it is up to my high standards for this brand. The flavor was mild and paired well with a variety of sauces. The noodles were soft but not mushy. They cooked al dente which left a bit of chewiness. This is what helped the noodles retain their shape.

You can even purchase these in Walmart! Or you can purchase in bulk from


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