Product Review: Natasha’s Health Nut Cookies- gluten free cookies/ reduced carbs/ no added sugar

These are amazing!

Natasha’s makes three flavors of health nut cookies that I was happy to review. Natasha (yes, she is a real person) creates and makes these yummy snack cookies and ships them fresh to your doorstep. They come in a package of 6 and boasts the fact that they are flourless/ gluten free, have no added sugar and reduced carbs. These cookies are not meant as a dessert, but as a part of a healthful snack accompanied by fresh fruit and a drink.She also suggests they are ideal for those that have diabetes, follow a low glycemic diet, or are on Weight Watchers (each cookie is 3 points). I love these soft and chewy snack cookies because they are not very sweet- just enough to taste great, but not so sweet it sends my sugar level through the roof, craving more. One cookie is satisfying and more than enough to curb your appetite. I stored my gluten free snack cookies in the fridge and they stayed fresh and chewy for 8-10 days with no drying or crumbling. I wouldn’t suggest waiting much longer than that though. I thought it was interesting to note that all three flavors look very similar with the same texture and chewiness due to their almond meal base. Natalie’s offers the following flavors:

Cranberry Orange: Has a fresh orange flavor punctuated by plump cranberries and coconut chips. This flavor is my favorite!

Amaretto: This flavor really surprised me- the amaretto flavor is just strong enough for you to say “wow!” but doesn’t overwhelm the mild flavors of the almond meal, pecan pieces and coconut flakes. The raisin flavor is also very mild as the raisins appear as bits and pieces through the cookie- no big and plump pieces like the cranberry orange flavor. I actually liked it that way, since I am not a huge fan of raisins.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip: This flavor is the sweetest of the three flavors offered by Natasha. The pure vanilla flavor is a perfect match with the semi sweet dark chocolate chips sprinkled throughout the cookie. Like the raisin cookie, the chocolate appears as smaller bits with a few large chunks thrown in. Medium sized pecan pieces add a slight crunch for variety. These are a good choice if you have a sweet tooth craving, but don’t want to satisfy it with empty junk food.Well done Natasha- my super picky kids loved these as a snack with some apple slices and a glass of milk. They were shocked when I ate one because they couldn’t tell these gluten free cookies, were in fact, gluten free. That’s a huge compliment coming from them!

Rating: 5 stars

PROS: soft, chewy, healthful gluten free cookie alternative, diabetic and Weight Watchers friendly, keeps fresh in the fridge for 8+ days, filling snack

CONS: contains Maltitol- some consumers may be sensitive-, minimum order is 3 boxes, texture is somewhat chunky due to the type of ingredients, which some may not like


If you want to try these health nut cookies, Natasha is currently selling them through her website to keep costs down for her customers. 

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