Product Review: [me] & goji custom artisanal cereal

[Me] & Goji is an online company that allows you to create you own custom breakfast cereal. Their website is really cute and clever – you get to virtually create your custom cereal by dragging and dropping ingredient icons, or “composting” them if you change your mind and want to delete an ingredient. To the right of the ordering page is an ingredient label for your cereal that allows you to name your cereal (in case you want to reorder the same ingredient combination again) and displays nutritional information.The cereal is packaged in a tall protective canister that holds a whopping 21 ounces of cereal- much more than your standard gluten free specialty cereal.

To begin your order- and to ensure it is gluten free- you must start with their “flaxed and flaked base” as this is the only gluten free base they offer. From there you may choose a variety of additions, but stick to corn f or quinoa flakes and the plain fruit and nuts & seeds, as the others are not gluten free. Depending on your ingredient selection, the price of each cereal canister you create will differ. The flaxed and flaked base is $4.90, and each ingredient adds anywhere from $.25 to $2 to the total price. Yup, that’s right- you get to control the ingredients, nutrients and price of your cereal. I love that! Shipping is $4.99 for the first canister or “capsule” of cereal and $.99 for each additional capsule.

The Good:I found the quality off the ingredients to be excellent. For my cereal, I combined the flaxed and flaked base (kinda like a multi-grain flakes that are made with corn, amaranth, flax and sesame), corn flakes, apples, cranberries, almonds and brazil nuts. The fruit pieces were large, plump and packed with flavor. The nuts were large in size as well and offered a nice crunch to my cereal. The cereal was well mixed and the ingredients seemed evenly distributed. The overall product was very delicious – I really enjoyed it!

The Not-So-Good:The website does not clearly indicate which specific ingredient options are gluten free and which ones are not. Huge mistake if a company advertised it has gluten free options. I had to email the company to clarify and they were kind enough to provide a list of ingredients that I could choose from. However, it could be easy to add gluten ingredients and not even know. Not good.When my canister arrived, I was shocked to see on the label: ” May contain traces of wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and soy.” WHAT?! Again, I email the company to find out why this was on my ( supposedly) gluten free cereal. This was their response:

“For the gluten-free mixes, we use separate mixing processes for each mix. This means that each cereal is mixed individually rather than in a batch. We can therefore avoid cross contamination. For the gluten-free mixes specifically, we always start the day with mixing these before any other mixes are made. They are mixed first since warehouse has been meticulously cleaned (twice – once in the evening and once, first thing in the morning) so that no traces of previous ingredients should exist.

The gluten-flakes are produced in a gluten free environment. We have had a lot of people with high gluten-intolerences try the flakes and have not received anything but positive feedback thus far. That said, it is important to mention that we store everything in the same warehouse and we are legally obliged to inform the customer that there may be traces of gluten in the cereal. Once again, out of the thousands of customers we have sold to, we have not received a single case where someone was dissatisfied with their gluten-free mix. ‘Whew, I felt much better. So being the gluten free guinea pig that I am, I ate the cereal over the span of a week and did not experience any type of reaction.Overall, I loved the quality and customized aspect of this cereal, but just wished the website was more user friendly for the gluten free.

Gluten Free Ingredient Options: flaxed and flaked base, all nuts & seeds, all fruits, corn flakes, quinoa flakes, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, cinnamon, nutmeg.

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