“Cause you’re Special! Famous Pizza Crust Mix- wheat, corn, soy and gluten free

This ‘Cause You’re Special! gluten free pizza crust mix runs around $5.89 from my local natural foods store in my town. I was really wanting a good pizza and was hoping this would be what I was looking for. The mix made a 12 inch pizza with a medium to thin crust.

The crust itself is easy to prepare. It mixed up with no problems and patted it out into a nice crust with minimal stickiness and mess onto my pizza stone. I used gluten free cornmeal as a base under the crust, as suggested on the package. For my inaugural run, I stuck with a simple cheese pizza with homemade basil marinara sauce.

The final product provided a nice and chewy crust with hints of crispiness on the edges. The crust itself was mild in flavor and could easily handle the addition of herbs, cheese and spices to give the pizza a better flavor. The crust help up well under the sauce, with only the smallest hints of sogginess, but maybe that is because I ate it too fast! Overall, a decent product!

Pros: easy prep, nice flavor & texture

Cons: a bit pricey for one pizza crust, slight sogginess in the center of the pizza

Rating: 3 3/4 stars

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