Product Review: Manischewitz Gluten Free Spirals, Yolk Free

I believe gluten free noodles have been conquered, except for no yolk egg noodles. I haven’t encountered any good yolk-free, gluten free noodles. sent these Manischewitz noodles to try, let’s hope they’ve done it! I prepared these noodles by boiling them for nine minutes, per the instructions. When I strained them, I worried that […]

Product Review: Natasha’s Health Nut Cookies- gluten free cookies/ reduced carbs/ no added sugar

These are amazing! Natasha’s makes three flavors of health nut cookies that I was happy to review. Natasha (yes, she is a real person) creates and makes these yummy snack cookies and ships them fresh to your doorstep. They come in a package of 6 and boasts the fact that they are flourless/ gluten free, […]

Product Review: Namaste Foods Cookies Mix- gluten free

  I have tried Namaste’s brownie mix, and since I loved it so much I was really excited to see if this mix was just as good. I purchased the mix at Nature’s Pantry for $5.99 (gulp!). At this price, I really hoped it would be worth it. This mix makes 2 dozen medium sized […]

Product Review: Mary’s Gone Crackers! gluten free crackers – organic/ kosher/ vegan/ dairy free/ wheat free/ nut free

Mary’s Gone Crackers sent me a sample pack of their crackers. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think. I mean, I like healthy foods, but I am not a foodie by any means, even though sometimes I wish I was. These gluten free crackers almost looked too healthy and I was worried they would taste […]

Product Review: Namaste gluten free bread mix

I am looking for a great gluten free bread mix or simple gluten free bread recipe to use. I have yet to find a bread that I love that will satisfy my sandwich cravings. Since Namaste’s pizza crust is pretty good, I thought I’d give their bread mix a try. I purchased this bread mix […]

Product Review: Namaste Foods Pizza Crust- gluten free

Namaste gluten free pizza crust mix is packaged in an unassuming brown and maroon paper bag. Each brown bag makes two 14 inch pizza crusts,and sells for $6.69 at my local health food store. A while back, I was asked if I knew of a good pizza crust mix. At the time, I didn’t, but this […]

Product Review: Michael Season’s Popped Black Bean Crisps

Michael Season’s has done it again. We are big fans of their baked cheese puffs and were anxious to try this new product. They were gracious enough to send us a sample pack to test out and review. There are three flavors: sea salt, nacho cheese, and roasted red pepper. I tried nacho cheese and […]

Product Review: Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bar – Cranberry Almond flavor

These Perfectly Simple bars by Zone Perfect are made from 10 ingredients and contain 10 grams of protein. These gluten free snack bars were purchased at my local Target store. They retail for 98 cents per bar, or can be found on sale for $4.59 for a box of six. Since writing reviews on this […]

Product Review: Pamela’s Products Baking & Pancake Mix

OOO, do I ever love this mix! This is a great pancake and baking mix, hands down. This product can be purchased anywhere from $6.29- $7.19 in my area, and even cheaper online via Amazon. The blend of brown, sweet rice & white rice flour and almond meal give this mix an unparalleled leg up […]

Product Review: Nuts Online/ Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix

This is another mix sent from Nuts Online, an internet based company that previously specialized in nuts. This mix retails for $3.99. I was very excited to try this mix after loving their chocolate cake mix. Again, the directions for the mix were not on the package, but online. To prepare this gluten free whole […]