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May 17, 2015

Gluten Free Cookie Cake

Print Friendly and PDF When I think of the perfect dessert, cookies come to mind. They can be gooey and melt in your mouth, or they can be a crispy, delicious crunch. Everyone loves cookies, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as flavors. My favorite has always been the chocolate chip cookie, so when we came across Betty Crocker's gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix, we were elated to try it out!

Although we have been using this mix for years, we have never made cookies. Ever. Instead, we brought out our cake pan and opted to make a cookie cake similar to one we saw at our local grocery store. When I was little (and not on a gluten free diet, I might add) we would occasionally merge my birthday with my sister's since our birthdays were six days apart. And because we both loved cookies, it made perfect sense to get one big, yummy cake to share.

Over the years, we have made cookie cakes for our friends as well as our family. It is very simple to make, and everyone enjoys the heavenly taste of a fresh, warm cookie. Since being on a gluten free diet can be saddening when you walk by mouth-watering desserts, it is a huge relief to have this as an option!
We celebrated our friend's birthday by making her a cookie cake!
The recipe has two temperatures; one for a dark or nonstick cookie sheet, and one for regular pans. We generally set the oven for 325. Even though our cake pan is nonstick, we grease the bottom and sides with butter so we can cut the cake with ease. When we first made this cookie cake, we had to use knives and spatulas to get it out, and what a sad sight it was to behold!

When they say soften the butter, they mean exactly that. We melted the butter once, thinking it would be easier to mix, but the texture turned out dry and crumbly to the point of collapsing in our plates. It is harder to stir the butter, eggs, and vanilla when the butter is softened, but the cake turns out much better in my opinion.

Crumble the mix into the cookie pan. When we first made the delicious cookie cake, we were spreading the dough as though it had to be smooth and perfect. Wrong. The dough expands better when you crumble it into the pan, giving it room to wiggle as it cooks instead of keeping it tight and flawless. It does leave it looking bumpy when you take it out of the oven, which might be displeasing if you want it to look pretty. 

The time is pretty flexible as far as cooking the cake. Oven temperatures may vary depending on the brand, so you will need to start from the minimal time and work your way up, especially at first. Our oven overheats, and sometimes we burn our food because of that. It can be tricky! We generally end up cooking the cake for around 20 minutes total.

After the cake is done, it looks nice and golden with a slight crisp. Of course, you can decide whether you want it well-cooked or not. Let the cake cool for about 15 minutes, then enjoy! It tastes great by itself, but it also tastes wonderful with ice cream on top. Feel free to explore your options! You will not regret it.

April 15, 2009

Gluten Free Cookies

Print Friendly and PDF When my daughter was first diagnosed, we assumed cookies were a thing of the past, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn there are many GF versions available. Of course, most of them are too expensive for regular consumption.

I was beyond thrilled to see that Betty Crocker has gotten in the gluten free game. Woo hoo! So far, Betty is offering GF chocolate chip cookies, yellow cake, chocolate cake, brownies, and chocolate chip brownies. We've only tried the chocolate chip cookies, but they were a hit. We liked them just as much as the "regular" chocolate chip cookies. At a little over $4 per box, the mix is a bit pricier than the non-GF versions, but still cheaper than most GF cookie mixes.

Other GF cookies we've tried include:
  • Mi-Del Arrowroot: These were not a hit with my kids. We found the texture a bit dry and... off.
  • Mi-Del Chocolate Chip: We liked these more than the arrowroot, but they weren't our favorite GF cookies. I don't see us buying these again.
  • Pamela's Chocolate Chip: We love these! These are our favorite prepared GF cookies. They're a little expensive, so we don't splurge on them often, but they're excellent for an occasional treat.
  • Pamela's Mini Chocolate Chip: These have a slightly different flavor than their larger counterparts, but they're still quite tasty. Their smaller size makes them a bit too easy to eat, though!
  • Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Chip Mix: This mix is easy to make and the resulting cookies are good.
  • Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix: So far, I've been impressed with all of Gluten-Free Pantry's offerings, and the chocolate chip cookie mix is no exception.

    Why are you still reading? Go out and eat some gluten free cookies!