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June 24, 2011

30 Quick Easy Gluten Free Snack Ideas

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It's summer and the kids are home. That means more mouths to feed during the day. If you're like me, you get tired of figuring out what to serve day after day, and that only gets tougher when you're on a gluten free diet. Luckily, many of your favorite "regular" snack items are naturally gluten free, and many others are easy to make in a GF version. Here are some quick and easy suggestions.

Quick, Easy Snack Ideas

  1. GF tortilla chips and salsa
  2. Sliced grilled chicken breasts with
  3. Dried fruit or fruit leathers
  4. GF bread with cheese
  5. GF crackers with peanut butter
  6. Fruit cups
  7. Fresh fruit
  8. Baby carrots and GF dressing
  9. Celery sticks with GF dressing or peanut butter
  10. Apple sauce
  11. Homemade popcorn
  12. Quesadillas (use corn tortillas)
  13. GF waffles or pancakes (make a large batch, freeze them, and have them for snacks later)
  14. Sliced veggies with hummus
  15. Popsicles
  16. GF cereal
  17. Homemade trail mix (use whatever you like: nuts, dried fruit, dried GF cereal, chocolate chips, etc)
  18. Turkey roll-up (slice of turkey spread with hummus, cream cheese, or other GF spread, rolled up)
  19. Nachos made with GF tortilla chips
  20. GF Mac and Cheese (my kids like Annie's)
  21. GF bagel with cream cheese
  22. Cheese and fruit platter
  23. Cheese and veggie platter
  24. Yogurt, with or without fruit
  25. String cheese (you can also wrap it in turkey or other meat!)
  26. Corn tortillas with black beans (you could also add salsa, GF sour cream, cheese, and anything you wish)
  27. GF muffins (we love muffins made with Pamela's baking mix)
  28. GF cookies, such as Pamela's Chunky Chocolate Chip
  29. Boiled eggs
  30. Apple slices with GF nut butter
Since gluten sometimes lurks in unexpected places, always check labels, even if you're buying something that "shouldn't" contain gluten.