Product Review: Attune Foods Probiotic Bars- gluten free/ all natural/ vegan option

The Attune website boasts “Attune’s probiotics help those friendly bacteria and keep your digestive system in balance, which helps strengthen your immune system. By keeping your digestive system healthy, it can help keep you healthier overall.” Now, who doesn’t want that? The Attune website also contains a wealth of information about immunity, digestive comfort, and […]

Product Reviews: Ariel Natural Foods Fruitwell dried fruit snacks- 3 flavors- gluten free, dairy free, all natural

Ariel Natural Foods makes gluten free Fruitwell freeze dried fruit snacks. This was a first for me- I have never had freeze dried anything before! These Fruitwell freeze dried snacks come in three flavors: apple, banana, and pineapple. They weigh a lightweight 1.4i ounces. Don’t let the weight fool you- each bag is enough for […]